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Tchaikovsky's Family

I'm very interessted in Tchaikovsky's family tree, especially if he or his relatives had children. My name is Tchaikovsky (the real russian name, as I was born there) and I ask myself if there might be a possible relation to Petr Illitsch. Is it true that he was homosexual?

Anastassiya from Austria

You certainly have a famous surname, but that doesn't necessarily mean that you are related to Peter Il'ich Tchaikovsky. For instance, there was another Russian composer called Boris Tchaikovsky (1925–1996) who was apparently no relation at all.

It is true that Tchaikovsky was homosexual, and he did not have any children, although he came from a large family. You can find Tchaikovsky's family tree on the "Genealogy" section of our web-site at:

Brett Langston

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