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13 Malaia Morskaia

For some time now I have taken an interest in Tchaikovsky's death site and have heard of the possibility of Modest's apartment (at 13 Malaia Morskaia, Saint Petersburg) being converted to a museum. Has anything materialized from these rumors? Last I contacted museum at Klin they had no knowledge of further developments. Also I would like if possible to get a layout of the apartment. Last I heard there were squatters living there (back in 1995). It appears now they are renting apartments out of that building.

In regard to the Tchaikovsky Museum in Klin what are the possibilities of getting a full inventory of its artifacts and also I heard that his suits are still hanging there. Could one get pictures of them. As you can see I have more than just a casual interest in the composer.

And another thing how can one get piano solo reductions of certain of his orchestral works such as the Third Suite Op. 55 etc.

Thank you.
Albert Gasparo

The project to convert Tchaikovsky's last address on Malaia Morskaia street in Saint Petersburg to a museum was never realized. The apartment is currently in private hands and only a memorial plaque on the building's outside wall tells us about the tragic events of 25 October 1893. The N. A. Rimskii-Korsakov Museum (also in a former apartment) is the only composer's museum in St.Petersburg at present.

Tchaikovsky's suits are preserved in the Tchaikovsky Museum in Klin and photos of some of them were reproduced in various books about the museum's holdings.

As far as I know an arrangement of the Third Suite for piano (but for 4 hands!) by the composer was published in 1885 in Moscow by P. Jurgenson and in Berlin by Bote & Bock.

Alexander Poznansky

A layout of Modest's apartment on Malaia Morskaia, where Tchaikovsky died, can be found in the book by L. M. Konisskaia, Chaikovskii v Peterburge [Чайковский в Петербурге](Leningrad, 1974), p. 274.

Alexander Poznansky

In regard to the 13 Malaya Morskaya affair I recently was in contact with the realtor who rents out apartments in that dwelling and was told indeed that the Tchaikovsky site was being renovated and that plans are afoot to convert the apartment to a museum. So we will see what will happen there.

Al Gasparo

In regard to the piano solo arrangements ot the Third Suite I actually borrowed a copy of the piano solo from the music library in New York many moons ago (now Library of Performing Arts). It was in a tattered condition and I believe it was published by Jurgenson. For those who are interested Dover publications has recently printed the complete Nutcracker for piano solo in the composer's simplified version,

Many thanks
Al Gasparo

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