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BBC Tchaikovsky Experience

Details of the forthcoming "Tchaikovsky Experience", running from 20 January to 16 February on BBC Radio and Televison, can be found here:

http: //

The series of programmes will culminate in a broadcast of Tchaikovsky's complete works (alongside those of Stravinsky) on BBC Radio 3 between 10 and 16 February. A number of pieces are being specially recorded, and will be receiving not only their first broadcasts in Britain, but their world premieres. The full schedule will be published on this web-site in advance of the broadcast, and listerners outside the UK can also hear every note of music via the Radio 3 web-site.

Brett Langston

A page has just been added to the BBC's web-site giving details of some of the rare recordings which will be included in the week of the broadcast:

More details will follow as soon as we have them...

Brett Langston

I really enjoyed Charles Hazelwood's introduction and analysis of the Overture to Romeo and Juliet this afternoon and appreciated it for the first time. It was far more meaningful than any of the university lectures on form and analysis I ever had.

I always thought it too sugary sweet, preferring the Prokofiev. but the speaker today made it all come to life.

Thank you so much.

Fran Waterhouse

I'm pleased to announce that we now have the full schedule on our web-site.

Brett Langston

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