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Klin Visit

I have wished for so long visit the museum at Klin and other places connected with Tchaikovsky.

I would not be too keen on finding my own way there from scratch. Does anyone know of the existence of Tchaikovsky tours?

Graham Wright

It may help to know that there's a virtual tour on the Klin Museum's web-site. The text is in Russian, but the pictures speak for themselves:

http: //

Brett Langston

What a great website! Well, once is Moscow is super easy to take the train (about 3 .5 hours) to Klin. It's a lovely town, a sort of Tchaikovsky's Disney Land; everything is about the composer. The circular Moscow subway line (brown), leaves you by the Leningradsky train station, buy a 2 way ticket to Klin, and once there several small busses take you there: just say Tchaikovsky. It is best to leave about 8 am, so you can spend a lot of time in the beautiful Dacha and grounds

Carlos Danaan

It is also possible and very easy to take a taxi from Moskow down town. You don't need to speak perfectly the russian language.

Two years ago I ordered via hotel reception or concierge a taxi to bring me to Klin and back. The car needs approx. 2 hours—one way.

You can discuss about the price, there is no standard. It is possible to go by taxi for 50 euros at least—it depends on the taxi driver. Last time he waited for me approx. two hours and he brought me back to my hotel in Moskow.

Rüdiger Herpich

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