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Tchaikovsky's 4th Symphony

I'm attempting a detailed examination of Tchaikovsky's 4th Symphony, and am keen to see what has been written analytically about it by other people. I'm wondering if anyone might know of a good Tchaikovsky bibliography that lists analytic articles and books containing analytic writing...all 'leads' will be gratefully accepted — especially if the texts are in English!

If there's no such resource available — and even if there is! — I can assemble a list of all the things that I find for myself and post it here in the future, if that would help others. Thanks in advance,

Mark Doran


I am looking for a great bibliography on the 4th symphony as well. Have you had any luck with the website?


John Brennan

Vol. 2 of The Tchaikovsky Handbook has an extensive annotated bibliography with several thousand entries. The following are listed under the heading "Symphony No. 4":

«Разные известия», Музыкальный свет (5 Feb 1878): 62.

Preview of the first performance of the symphony.

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The first performance of the symphony on 10 Feb 1878 in Moscow. See also 4576.

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«Музыкальная хроника», Воскресный листок музыки и обьявлений (Nov 1878), 2: 5.

The first performance in Saint Petersburg on 10 Nov 1878. See also 4578 to 4582.

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— [German tr.]. ‚Tschaikowskys Vierte Sinfonie f-Moll, Op. 36’. In: G. A. Larosh, Peter Tschaikowsky: Aufsätze und Erinnerungen (1993): 107–109 [see 2406].

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The author’s impressions of the Fourth Symphony expressed in verse.

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GREW, S. ‘Tschaikowsky’s "Fate" symphony: The composer’s exposition’, American Music Lover, 6 (Aug 1940): 112–115.

The composer’s programme for the Fourth Symphony, as described in a letter to Nadezhda von Meck.

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A comparison of recordings.

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First published in the programme of a symphony concert in Petrograd on 20 Sep 1919.

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Partly concerning a television documentary («Искренное движение души») about the symphony.

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German tr. of a letter from Taneev to Chaikovskii (1878) regarding the symphony, and Chaikovskii’s response.

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Concerning the piccolo part in the Scherzo. Includes fingering charts.

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Hope this helps,

Brett Langston
(co-author of The Tchaikovsky Handbook)

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