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BBC Performances

What a joy it was last week to hear Tchaikovsky's earlier thoughts on Symphony No. 1 (1868), Romeo and Juliet (1870) and Vakula the Smith (1874)! However, it saddens me to think of these delightful performances gathering dust in the BBC archives, never to be heard again (or rarely, at best). I would like to see these recordings issued on CD and made available to the general public, and I am unanimous in that!

Does anyone know what the BBC plans to do with the works I have mentioned, and the other rarities which were specially recorded for The Tchaikovsky Experience?

Nicolas Krusek

Thanks to the BBC we were able to hear all of Tchaikovsky's work during a two week period. It was certainly a sui generis. Many works were recorded for the first time especially for this offering including all of his student works. So now I can say I have heard all of Tchaikovsky's pieces all 338 of them. I also would like to see them on CD or available for downloads (the rare and unknown ones). I especially looked forward to hearing his complete songs. Surprisingly some of his student pieces were remarkably resolute with self confident energy.

Albert Gasparo0

There is actually a complete recording of the Songs on 5 CDs from the Conifer label. These were performed by Nina Rautio, Ilya Levinsky and Sergei Leiferkus, with Semyon Skigin at the piano. However, it seems that only the first 3 CDs are widely known, while the last 2, which were released somewhat later, have fallen into obscurity (The list of discography has yet to be updated). That is why BBC only used the former 3 during the broadcast and had to complement it with other recordings (ie. the three wolumes from Naxos [Lyuba Kazarnovskaya], one from Hyperion [Joan Rogers] and so on...). A quick search on would reveal that the later 2 are being displayed but unavailable because there is no seller.

Shenda Gu

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