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A Question

Hello! Is a pleasure has finded this web page. I am a spaniard fan of Tchaikovsky from my childhood. I know his life, his music...all (if that is possible...).

Well, I want to know if it´s possible to contact with some descendent of tchaikovsky that live now. For me will be something more special and with a great meaning for me.

Please, inform me if it is possible. Thank you very much and best regards!

Jorge M. Mellado

Hello Jorge—Tchaikovsky didn't have any children of his own, so he has no direct descendents. But his brothers and sisters did have children, and some of their descendents are living today. You will find more information in our Genealogy section.

Brett Langston

Mr Langston refers one to the Genealogy section in regard to those seeking to know more about the descendants of Tchaikovsky. This section contains only the names of the deceased. I realize that people want to have their privacy respected, but is it possible that at least someone member of the Tchaikovsky clan would not be adverse to making some kind of contact with the admirers of their illustrious forbears. I know that such exist. In perusing the site of the Klin Museum I saw some photos taken there of some of his relatives (I believe the Davidov clan) one of which with a beard bore a striking resemblance to Tchaikovsky especially in regard to the composer's massive forehead. So if it is possible there are some of us who wouldn't mind getting to know some of his living relatives.

Albert Gasparo

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