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I was wondering if Stanislav Mikhailovich BLUMENFEL'D (1850–97) father of Georges Leon DAVYDOV was the brother of Felix Mikhailovitch BLUMENFEL'D, the composer (1863–1931) ?

Thanks in advance

Bruno Gogel

The Russian conductor, pianist, composer and teacher Felix Blumenfeld (1863–1931) had two brothers—Sigismund (1852–1920), and Stanislav (1850–1897); the latter being the father of George Leon, the son of Tatiana Davydov and adopted son of Tchaikovsky's brother Nikolai.

Both brothers were pianists and teachers and quite active in Ukraine. Sigismund also was known as a composer.

Alexander Poznansky

Apropos Georges Leon I once heard an interview given by him to Deems Taylor, at that time announcer for the NY philharmonic broadcasts in the late 1940's. it must have been a taped interview as Georges Leon died in the 1930's. Im assuming he immigrated to the United States. Does anyone know what happened to him? Also does anyone have any idea of how to get this taped broadcast? Thank you,

Albert Gasparo

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