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Symphony No. 2

Thank you very much for adding the original version of Symphony No. 2 to the study score section. How exciting! I've been listening to the Geoffrey Simon recording for years, but I've never been able to follow along with a score...until now.

If only the BBC would allow their recent recordings of Symphony No. 1 (1866) and Romeo and Juliet (1870) to be commercially available, then I could die a happy man.

Nicolas Krusek

According to BBC's website, the recording of the original version of the Symphony No. 1 that was broadcasted is from a Sony Classical CD with catalogue number of Sony SM2K 46 297. The orchestral appears to be BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra with Ilan Volkov as conductor. Does anyone knows anything about this CD since I was unable to locate it anywhere.

Shenda Gu

There seems to be a mistake on the BBC's web-site—that Sony catalogue number actually relates to some of the Stravinsky pieces played during the "Tchaikovsky Experience", and not to Tchaikovsky's Symphony No. 1

As far as I'm aware the BBC have no immediate plans to release the earlier versions of the symphony or Romeo and Juliet on CD.

Brett Langston

Perhaps we should start a petition requesting the BBC to release the Symphony No. 1 and Romeo and Juliet performances on CD. Or, at the very least, they could make these recordings available in mp3 format on our tchaikovsky-research website. I enjoyed the performances, and it would be a shame if they should never again see the light of day. I see no reason why the BBC wouldn't make them available to those of us who are interested.

Hey, I can dream, can't I?

Nicolas Krusek

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