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Vladimir and Konstantin Shilovsky

I'm looking for a photograph of the brothers Shilovsky, who were friends of Tchaikovsky. Konstantin wrote the libretto for Eugene Onegin. Vladimir was a student of Tchaikovsky and became a friend. They both died in the summer of 1893.

Is there anyone who can help me?

Rien Schraagen
Hilversum, The Netherlands

I don't recall seeing any pictures with both brothers together, but Vladimir Shilovsky appears in Alexander Poznansky's book Tchaikovsky through others' eyes (ISBN 0253335450, between pages 106 and 107), and I'm told that there is a photograph of Konstantin in Valery Sokolov's book on the composer's wife, Антонина Чайковская : история забытой жизни (ISBN 5714005651).

There may be others, but these are the only ones I can find for the moment...

Brett Langston

Thank you for your answer. I don't mind if the brothers do not appear on one photograph, two seperate photo's will do.

Can anyone send me a scan or copy of these photographs? I would be very obliged.


Rien Schraagen

In his book "Tchaikovsky through other's eyes" Mr. Poznansky makes the following statement: "It seems that Tchaikovsky enjoyed life in Vladimir Schilovsky's circle because of their mutual homosexuality." Has any letter or any document been discovered that brings the evidence that they were really lovers and if it is the case in which year did their relationship begin?

As Schilovsky was only fourteen years old, it means still a minor, when Tchaikovsky made his acquaintance, I personally think that an evidence would be in this particular case of importance in order to avoid any misunderstanding concerning Tchaikovsky's moral integrity towards minors.

Kenny Morita

There is no direct evidence that the composer and his young student were ever involved in any mutual sexual relationship, but they did enjoy each others' company, until a certain point when it became a burden for Tchaikovsky's own lifestyle.

Alexander Poznansky

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