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Liszt's transcription of the Polonaise from Evgeny Onegin

I am working on the new Liszt Thematic Catalogue and am trying to find an article on the above transcription by a Russian musicologist named Kiselev. If anyone could tell me when and where this article appeared I would be most grateful.

Michael Short

Vasilii Aleksandrovich Kiselev (b. 1902) was a writer on music who had dozens of articles on Tchaikovsky published in journals such as Sovetskaia muzyka and Muzykal'naia zhizn' from the 1930s up to the 1970s. This particular Kiselev seems to have been was more of a researcher/historian, rather than a musiciologist, so I don't know if this is your man.

I've checked a catalogue of over 8,000 books and journal articles on Tchaikovsky, without finding the item in question. However, perhaps someone with access to the Music Index database, or similar, will be able to answer your question..

Brett Langston

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