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King Midas of Music

Tchaikovsky was the King Midas of music. Wherever he placed his wonderful hand he turned into gold all sorts of musical fields: golden symphonies, golden concertos, golden operas, golden chamber music, golden ballets, golden tone poems, golden songs...

Whereas other masters could have been greater stars, Tchaikovsky is our sun, not precisely the grandest of stars, but the warmest, because of being closer than any other to our heart and our human nature.

Sincerely yours

Alberto Saenz Enriquez

I feel there is an element of truth to this. It is now over 60 years since I began my sojourn in music and now nearing 75 I feel that his music is like a warm embrace by a dear old friend whom we love warts and all. Of his warm humanity there is no question. Fads come and go. Favorites come and go. But some stay because they have warmed our hearts as few others....

Al Gasparo

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