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Please accept my congratulations on this very fine site! How wonderful to have a such splendid forum where you can update your knowledge about Tchaikovsky and his works.

Being a balletdancer I have danced almost all my life to Tchaikovsky´s music: his balletscores as well as many other of his oeuvres, and always with great enjoyment due to the overwhelming beauty of the music and to its organic physicality.

I have, however, a few years ago rediscovered the life and talents of the composer more deeply having read the available of books about him and his time and being simultaneously listening to many for me unknown pieces with loving care. And I sincerely hope that Mr. Poznansky will read this letter and accept my reverence for his admirable works on Tchaikovsky; the composer and the man. I fully sympathize with his views and conclusions that inevitably emerge from the deep and profound study he has undertaken and his fascinating discoveries.

I experience in the letters and the in the total oeuvres of the composer bursts of will and spirituality along with the obvious poetry and melancoly that harmonize little with the cliché still much too often told about Tchaikovsky as just being a depressed, suicidal and oversensitive soul.

The discovery and the somewhat belated recognition of these qualities in Tchaikovsky and in his music have truly been one of the most happy and satisfying experiences for me in music, and I am convinced that we are now witnessing a renaissance of the composer along with that of Händel, letting many of his lesser known works along with the popular ones enriche our musical outlook on Tchaikovsky and his life and Russia.

The unbelievable stories about his suicide and suicide attempt will hopefully vanish for a more nuanced picture of Tchaikovsky and give us a fuller understanding of the composer and a greater appreciation of his music.

I thank Mr. Poznansky many times for his inspirational works and congratulate again the people responsable for this website.


Erling Eliasson

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