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Tchaikovsky's Influence

It is not very well known, neither even disclosed, how Tchaikovsky has influenced other musical masters all over the world.

Of course in Russia, Glazunov. Rachmaninov, Shostakovich, Prokofiev and even Stravinsky have received more or less, the shade of Tchaikovsky's blueprint.

Richard Strauss (in Salome, for example), Mahler (in his fifth symphony, prominently), Sibelius (almost in his whole output), Gershwin (in some inspired moments of his Rhapsody in Blue), Elgar, Holst, all in some way have inherited some of Tchaikovsky's style and flair.

Of course I have only mentioned major composers, but I know there is much more to investigate about the power of Tchaikovsky's inspirational influence after his departure from this world.

Alberto Sáenz Enríquez

I would like to add John Williams to the list of influenced composers, who is one of the greatest and well known composers of scores of sound tracks / film music and who is still alive. The cult films E.T., Star Wars and the newer movies of Harry Potter are coming along with John Williams.

He learned from Tchaikovsky to be a master of the musical handicraft and instrumentation techniques. Especially the music for E.T. streams out the typical lyricism of Tchaikovsky. Harp, celesta and string flageolet in combination are recalling the Nutcracker and the Voevoda (Op. 78). Also the melodic richness is typical for Tchaikovsky.

So Tchaikovsky did not only influence the serious music in the 20th century but also the utility music / music for use.

Rüdiger Herpich

Dear Gentlemen

About Tchaikovsky’s influence, many minor composers as Miklos Rossa, Alfred Newman or John Williams, apart from Russia’s Kabalevsky, Khachaturian, Gliere and great ones as Rachmaninov, Glazunov, Richard Strauss, Mahler, Elgar, etc. have been influenced by the greatest Russian, but his shade over lesser masters is just relatively relevant.

Alberto Sáenz Enríquez

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