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Dear Gentlemen

I have noticed a silenced Tchaikovsky forum since present novembre 10.

There are so many things to comment about this great master that I am stranged to verify there have been no more persons adressing.

Maybe there should be a source to make people know about this forum, there are thousands of Tchaikovsky fans that are not aware of the existence of this oportune and wise intelectual devise.

Alberto Sáenz Enríquez

Yes and regrettably classical music is hardly noticed in the media..if you go to download something they talk about "songs" and how many songs you can download. They talk of "ipods" but in classical music you must know the record label the names of the performers and if its songs or opera and such you need a libretto to follow etc..and furthermore the sound of the earphones on ipods doestnt give you the full range you need for february last the BBC did a retrospective on the complete works of tchaikovsky and stravinsky. We have nothing of that nature here in the states..pop culture has taken over the air waves and there is virtually nothing on the almost 2,000 channels on cable that reflect the arts in any way...its like western culture never even existed..not to speak of anything truly informative...and so in this atmosphere of silence we can hardly wonder at the lack of correspondence...

Bye bye,

Al Gasparo

I am sort of a novice to classical music, but I have been a listener off and on for several years. I wonder why Tchaikovsky does not get the esteem as that of Beethoven and Mozart. I believe his melodies are utterly divine. Could someone tell me what are some of his great works aside of Nutcracker, Swan Lake, Serenade for Strings, and Piano Concerto number 1? I love these beautiful pieces. Does most of his other work compare?

A Tchaikovsky fan,


Hi Randy,

I'll be glad to help you with some of your questions. Regarding why Tchaikovsky does not get the esteem of a Mozart and a Beethoven. That has to do with the matter of form, a matter Tchaikovsky had a problem with all his life. I refer specifically to sonata form. Another has to do with the matter of subtlety and nuance which is not Tchaikovsky's forte.

Regarding the matter of what are some of his great works you didn't mention i would suggest these:

Randy that should give you a good start...and there are many more Besides...if Tchaikovsky fills you with delight you will no doubt search him out for yourself for there is much else out there...and a lot to read too..

Happy listening,

Al Gasparo

Hi Randy,

Once youve digested the basics you may want to go on to the less known works such as:

Most of his work has a warm appeal even if not his best. This should give you an inclusive understanding and appreciation of his work as a whole.

Happy listening. Bye bye

Al Gasparo

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