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Tchaikovsky and Turgenev

As part of an I.T. course called the Certificate in Humanities Computing for Modern Languages (CHUCOL) at Cambridge University, I've set up a website on Turgenev and Russian music, and one of the pages in it is dedicated to Tchaikovsky. The address is:

and I was wondering whether you might like to include it in the Links section of your very interesting and helpful site? (I've included a link to your site in the English-language version of my Links section) I tried to give a more or less chronological survey of Turgenev's growing interest in Tchaikovsky's music (with a number of recordings from his works included), and at the end some parallels between the aesthetic views of the two artists. It also touches a bit on Tchaikovsky's attitude towards Tolstoi (although there is a lot more that could be said about that topic).

I also looked at the Unfinished/projected works by Tchaikovsky section of your website and noticed that in 1887 he was considering doing something with one of Turgenev's stories which has a lot to do with music: The Song of Triumphant Love (1881).

With kind regards,

Luis Sundkvist

What an interesting, handsome and informative site is this one dedicated to Turgenev and Tchaikovsky. Kudos for Mr. Sundkvist. Hopefully one day our Tchaikovsky Forum will be equally colorful.

Al Gasparo

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