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The Sleeping Beauty

I love The Sleeping Beauty and I've been looking for a full score of the complete ballet for almost a year, but I still haven't found anything. I wrote to Dover Publications a few days ago to ask them if they could publish the score but I would like to know if any score like this exists. Thank you and bravo for your web site, it's the completest and my favourite Tchaikovsky web site !

A young Tchaikovsky fan who still has much to discover about this incredible man,

Bryan Chahla

There's been a recent discussion on a similar topic on the IMSLP forums which you might find usfeul:

P. Davydov

Dear Bryan,

The complete full score is available in pocket format in Germany, Europe:

"Tchaikovsky: The Sleeping Beauty/Dornröschen/La Belle au bois Dormant, Ballet Op. 66".
Edition Eulenburg, No. : 1355, Ernst Eulenburg Ltd. London Mainz New York Tokyo Zürich 1974.
Ernst Eulenburg Ltd. 48 Great Marlborough Street, London W1V 2BN.

Inroduction in English and German language. I bought the pocket score a lot of years ago, it was not so expensive as a full score in large format.

Rüdiger Herpich

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