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Which opera?


Hope this isn't too trivial: in the 1937 film "Maytime" there is a glorious duet sung by Nelson Eddy and Jeanette McDonald as the film grows to its finale; I know the music is by Tchaikovsky but could you please tell me from what work?

On various sites I have seen it referred to as "Tzarine" but I can't find a reference in any Tchaikovsky site I have visited.

Many thanks

Bob Thornton

Dear Bob、

The music you mention is not Tchaikovsky’s opera but his symphony No. 5 (second movement, Andante cantabile con alcuna licenza).

Kenji Sugiyama

The real question I have is who selected and orchestrated the music for the opera sequence. I think it was a brilliant job. The only name I’ve been able to find is Herbert Stothart, a person unknown to me. A check of IMDB indicates he won one Oscar for best original score for The Wizard of Oz, and was nominated for nine more, but not for Maytime!

Ross Hardter

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