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The Turning Point

I hope you can help me.

I just visited your wonderful site and was very impressed. I love Tchaikovsky's music, especially his ballet music.

I did notice once important item missing from your site and that is a listing of Tchaikovsky's music used in certain movie soundtracks, one in particular, from the movie The Turning Point, starring Anne Bancroft and Shirley MacLaine.

This excellent ballet movie finally made it to DVD a couple years ago; unfortunately, it wasn't digitally re-mastered, to bring out its musical quality. Anyway, there is a piece of Tchaikovsky's music that was used in a certain ballet that I'm not familiar with.

If you watch the "Gala" part of the movie (this is where various dances from popular ballets are being performed), there is a scene where Anne Bancroft dances to a ballet called Anna Karenina, music by Tchaikovsky. I've never heard of Tchaikovsky writing music for Anna Karenina; therefore, his other music may have been used for this ballet (like choreographer George Balanchine used alot of Tchaikovsky's music to make his ballets). Can you please tell me what is the Tchaikovsky music being used in Anna Karenina? Is it from an Opus or a Symphony?

Also, at the end of the movie, Lesley Browne dances to one of Tchaikovsky's gorgeous piano pieces.

Thank you for your time and I hope you can help me with this musical mystery.

I wish the Tchaikovsky Research continued success.

Sincerely yours,

Terry Wilcox

One of your readers wrote in asking about the music used in the film "The Turning Point" described as "Anna Karenina" by Tchaikovsky. I, too, am curious to know the real name of the composition. Was anyone able to identify it?

Thank you,


I am pleased to report that Mr Luis Sundkvist has pointed out that the music in question is the central love theme from the symphonic ballad The Voevoda, Op. 78 (not to be confused with Tchaikovsky's early opera of the same title)

Brett Langston

Many thanks for finding out the answer to my question regarding "The Turning Point." Continued good wishes to you and the project.


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