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I have a recording of this piece for violin (Aharonian) and piano (Kandinskaja) Arte Nova label saying it is the "Version of V Begekirsky". I saw on the cover of another recording of this piece(can't remember which) that it was the "full version".

Can anyone shed some light on the difference for me? There is no reference to different versions in the The Tchaikovsky Handbook vol I although Kotek had orchestrated it. The "full version" note seems to suggest that some other version, such as mine, is common.

Graham Wright

Vasilii Vasil'evich Bezekirskii (1835–1919) made his own transcription for violin and piano of the Valse-Scherzo, and it was this that was recorded by Aharonian and Kandinskaja.

I've heard some recordings of the orchestral version that have been shortened, so in this context "full version" could simply mean that it was unabridged.

Brett Langston

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