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Tchaikovsky's 5th Symphony

Hello, everyone. I'm a Japanese fan of Tchaikovsky's music. I have read in a old Japanese book that the main theme in 1st mov.of the Fifth Symphony (c^e-e-e^fis^g^a_g_fis_e,_c^g-g-g_fis-fis_e-e) was derived from a Polish folk song, I think that it is similar to the theme in Scherzo of Robert Schumann's Fourth Symphony, dedicated to his wife Clara on her birthday (a^d-d^e-e^f-f^g-g_f-f_e-e_d), but the text did not refer to details. Is it true? If so, I'd like to know the TITLE and WORDS of the song in Polish or English. thank you.

Kamomeno Iwao

I've never come across such a suggestion before, but it there was a similarity to a Polish folk song I'd be very surprised if it was anything other than co-incidental.

Brett Langston

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