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Symphony #6 as US TV & movie theme music

Are you aware of any American television shows that based their theme music on Symphony #6? Thank you

Hilde Alter

Hello Hilde,

The Internet Movie Database is usually very good at this sort of thing, and there is a list of Tchaikovsky's music used in film and television soundtracks on their site at:

At a quick glance there don't seem to be any US television shows in the list, but you might find it a useful starting point for your search.

Hope this helps,

Brett Langston

Hello Hilde,

Tchaikovsky's 6th symphony was used extensively in the movie Anna Karenina (1997) directed by Bernard Rose with Sophie Marceau and Sean Bean. The movie begins with the first movement of the 6th and later parts of all four movements were featured as background music throughout the movie along with excerpts from Swan Lake, Eugene Onegin, and the violin concerto. According to the credit, they were performed by the St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra with Sir Georg Solti as conductor.

Shenda Gu

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