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Romeo and Juliet Duet

I'm searching for an English translation of the Romeo and Juliet scena that Taneyev put together.
Thank you.
Pamela McClain

Hello Pamela,

I remember many years ago hearing the duet sung in a translation by the English conductor Edward Downes, but I haven't seen this published.

Tchaikovsky's text was based on a translation of Shakespeare's play by Aleksandr Lukich Sokolovskii (1837–1915), and the passage in question comes from Act III, Scene 5 of the play, in which the lovers are enjoying their last moments together before dawn ("Wilt thou be gone? it is not yet near day: It was the nightingale, and not the lark, that pierced the fearful hollow of thine ear..."). Shakespeare's original text can be found here:

Brett Langston


If by any chance you are still looking for that translation, an English only libretto comes with the Bridge disc BCD 9034, Taneyev's Symphony no. 4 and the duet, conducted by Peter Tiboris, available on Amazon.

Ralph Moore

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