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Tchaikovsky's Museum

Good day!

Is it possible to find out information about the Tchaikovsky's museum?.. How many floors exactly are in this museum- 2 or 3?, how many rooms and what do composer did in these rooms and today what is located in rooms?

Sintija Keisa

Hello there,

Here is very good video clip about museum in Klin.

and an article:

Serge Bertensson, 'The Tchaikovsky Museum at Klin', The Musical Quarterly, Vol. 30, No. 3 (July 1944), pp. 329–335. Published by Oxford University Press.

Alexander Poznansky

For a more detailed account of the Tchaikovsky Museum in Klin go directly to its website.

Here you can view all the artifacts from the two floors including certain articles of clothing. Modest the composer's brother bought the house and lived there as well as rendering it into a museum.....

Al Gasparo

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