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A new Tchaikovsky Museum in Moscow

On May 18th 2007 in Moscow the newly-renovated Tchaikovsky apartment at Kudrinskaia Square 46/54 was opened to the public, now in the ownership of the M. I. Glinka Museum of Musical Culture. This modest, small one-room apartment rented by Tchaikovsky in 1872–1873 has been extended into nine rooms and the whole house was transformed into large museum devoted to 'Tchaikovsky and Moscow'.

Most of the exhibits are dedicated to the composer's relations with the Moscow Conservatory and to his personal and professional friends, up to his departure abroad from the Russian capital in 1878. The page of the M.I. Glinka museum with detailed information (in Russian) about this new Moscow attraction, including some photographs, can be found at the following link:

Alexander Poznansky

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