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Symphony No. 7 in Eb Major DVD


Does anyone know of a DVD that holds the performance of the reconstructed Symphony No. 7 in Eb major by Tchaikovsky? I've been looking with no success thus far.


Michael Svoboda

Here is the DVD performed by ”Nishimoto Tomomi”(Japanese female conductor).

Kenji Sugiyama

There is a very fine recording of this great symphony performed by "The London Philharmonic" and directed by Neeme Järvi. In addition to the Symphony N° 7 in E flat major you will also find the Piano Concerto N° 3, also in E flat major, on which the first movement of the reconstructed Symphony N° 7 is based.

They've been recorded in a 1993 Chandos Record (CHAN 9130)

With best regards,

Guido Mühlemann

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