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Iolanta (1964)

I have found this entry on the International Movie Data Base (iMDB) a subsidiary of AMAZON.COM (a link below).

It provides details on this title of a film-opera, produced at the Riga Film Studio in Latvia.

I have been unable so far to find a supplier to purchase a DVD/VHS copy of this movie.

The iMDB refers to an obscure website: Art Kino Pictures (US).com (a link below), where it is listed at No. 19, but no links to some kind of ordering pages.

I am soliciting suggestions from anyone who might have a knowledge on how to acquire a copy of this film production.

Alexander Geidelberg

Here is the DVD you are looking for.

This site is written in Japanese, so please choose the ‘English search’.

Kenji Sugiyama

Dear Kenji Sugiyama.

I am grateful to you for your help in finding the supplier for this film-opera.

I did use the search page in English. It brought up another page with apparently details of the recording and ordering information. This page was available in Japanese only, but I will certainly find a good translator and try to buy this DVD.

Thank you once again.

Truly grateful

Alexander Geidelberg

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