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New Russian biography

Russian readers may be interested to know that a new biography by renowned Tchaikovsky scholar Alexander Poznansky has just been published, in two large and copiously-illustrated volumes. More details can be found in our News section.

Brett Langston


I'm delighted to hear that two new huge books have come out about Tchaikovsky. How much are these two as a set, and where can I purchase them?


Michael Svoboda


I forgot to add in my last message, regarding the new set of 2 books on Tchaikovsky, that I live in the state of Illinois in the USA and would greatly appreciate any possible online or over the phone order methods where I could purchase this new set of 2 books.


Michael Svoboda

The Russian on-line store "Ozon" includes both volumes:

Hope this helps,

Brett Langston

Hi Mr. Langston,

I stumbled upon the same website you outlined in your response. The books are in Russian text (at least I think they are from the covers). I was actually looking for them in English, since I do not read Russian very well. I have the 2002 Tchaikovsky Handbooks (1 & 2) that you and Poznansky both collaborated on, both of which are wonderful and a delightful edition to my already staggering collection of Tchaikovsky scores, books, dvds, etc, and I'd like to acquire these two new books as well. Please let me know if these two new books are not yet available to purchase in English. As of now, it looks as if they're in Russian; if this is the case, hopefully they'll soon be translated into English. Even the website is difficult to read with translating it for me.

Thanks for your help,

Michael Svoboda

Sorry if I wasn't clear. This is a new biography written in Russian. It hasn't been translated into any other languages yet, but no doubt it will be under consideration. A few other outlets for the Russian edition have been mentioned by readers:

(Note: Tchaikovsky Research is not affiliated with any of the above sites, or with any other commerical organization).

Brett Langston

I'm very eager to own this collection of Tchaikovsky Biography books; I hope they'll be translated into English and sold here in the USA very soon. Please keep us updated! Many thanks.

Michael Svoboda

hello My name is Pascal Semonin from France .

The question is :is there any translation about those biography , you can by now find in America .

As you can notice , I don't really speak well english ...

Second question :

I have a next trip to do at Kiev , and will have some days job's free . Intending to visit Kamenka , anybody could give me a help to find or about , the possibilities out visit ?

I can speak russian , as english , that mean :bad .....;but , enough to manadge alone with train and hotel etcetc ...



Any updates on an English version of this book? Thanks!

Craig Sayer

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