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Manfred Symphony DVD

Greetings fellow Tchaikovsky lovers,

Does anyone know where I might obtain a DVD copy of Tchaikovsky's Manfred Symphony being performed? Also, I'm still looking for a DVD copy of Tchaikovsky's Suite No. 3. Any help is much appreciated.


Michael Svoboda

24/05/2009 03:53

Hello Michael,

There are an increasing number of Tchaikovsky DVDs around, but none that I know of so far for Manfred or the Suite No. 3. If I hear of any then I'll let you know...

Brett Langston

24/05/2009 19:20

Hello Michael,

there is indeed a DVD with a performance of Manfred (and the 1. piano concerto) from the Symphony Orchestra of Russia, conducter: Veronica Duderova. (2003).

Please have a look to, with the search criteria Tschaikowsky + DVD.

Ruediger Herpich

25/05/2009 07:51

Here is the DVD you are looking for. (conducted by Svetlanov)

Sorry, this site is written in Japanese only.

Kenji Sugiyama

25/05/2009 02:41

I’ve found another DVD.

Veronica Dudarova /The Symphony Orchestra of Russia (March 26,2003)

Kenji Sugiyama


I know only one dvd of Pyotr Ilyich's Manfred that performed by Evgeny Svetlanov and USSR State Sympony Orchestra in 1985.

Sincerely yours,

Kamomeno Iwao

25/05/2009 13:45


Thank you everyone for the overwhelming response to my request to find a DVD copy of Tchaikovsky's Manfred Symphony. All of the websites that I've checked so far are all in a different language, therefore, I cannot purchase the DVD.

Michael Svoboda

25/05/2009 17:44

I have the dvd of Manfred from the Symphony Orchestra of Russia, conducter: Veronica Duderova. (2003).

Seriously don't get this dvd. It is a mutilated version with, as is often the case, the end of the first movement being slapped on to the end of the finale. During the entire performance you sit waiting with anticipation for the magnificent organ epilogue, taunted by the sight of the organ behind the orchestra. It never comes, and the organ is never used.

Leave Manfred alone, it does not need "improving" by conductors any more than the 6th Symphony needs the third and fourth movements swapping round.

Norman Armstrong

Thanks for your comments Mr. Armstrong. Indeed, I do agree with you when you say that conductors like to alter Tchaikovsky's music - to me, that's very rude and shouldn't be allowed. Tchaikovsky wrote all of his music a specific way for a specific effect, among other reasons, and to alter it in any way, it just plain unprofessional.

Michael Svoboda

26/05/2009 16:53

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