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Jurisprudence March

I have noticed in the Tchaikovsky Discograpy that the Jurisprudence March has been recorded on two labels, IMG and CBC, I have tried searching the web and Amazon with no success, can any one help and point me in the right direction.

Well done to all who participate in the Forum keep the questions,queries and statements coming, the results are a tremendous source of informtion to all who love Tchaikovsky.

Steve Floyd

Hello Mr. Floyd,

I purchased the recording of Tchaikovsky's Jurisprudence March in D Major from iTunes, online. In the search menu, type in, "Rare Russian Overtures" and an album with Tchaikovsky's 'Jurist' March will appear, along with more pieces by him, Anton Arensky (A Dream on the Volga Overture) as well as Rimsky-Korsakov's "Serbian Fantasy" - among others of course. It's a wonderful album. Glad I can help.

Michael Svoboda

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