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A Waltz sung by Catherine Grayson

Many years ago thee was a movie in which Catherine Grayson sang a song to the tune of one of Tchaikovsky’s waltzes. Can anyone enlighten me on this? What movie etc.

Frank Barron

According to these pages:

... Kathryn Grayson (b. 1922) sang lyrics by Earl K. Brent to the music of the waltz (2nd movement) from Tchaikovsky's Serenade for String Orchestra, in the 1945 MGM motion picture Anchors Aweigh. It sounds like this could be what you were looking for.

Brett Langston

To Brett Langston. Thank you very much. This is what I wanted to know.

Frank Barron

Yes, I remember that song well. I actually knew the late Miss Grayson (who passed away on 17 February of this year at age 88). She was a lovely person and imbued this Tchaikovsky String Serenade arrangement with her distinct flair and style.

This exquisite Waltz was also used in MGM's "In the Good Old Summertime" (1949), starring Judy Garland and Van Johnson. The waltz was heard in an arrangement for strings and piano led by Marcia van Dyke, who was a concert violinist (and niece of the film director, W. S. Van Dyke, "Marie Antoinette," "the Thin Man" series, "San Francisco," etc.). It is available on the Rhino records Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of the film.


Gregory Maldonado

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