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Tchaikovsky on Verdi


Does anyone know if Tchaikovsky ever expressed his thoughts about Verdi's Requiem, which was first performed in 1874? I've read nothing of the sort to date and was wondering if anyone has. In addition, I'm curious if Tchaikovsky himself ever thought of composing a requiem (and let's not include how his 6th symphony can be interpreted as one - but rather discuss the traditional requiem style).


Michael Svoboda

Hello Michael,

We are in the process of adding new pages to the site giving Tchaikovsky's views on other composers, and these can be found in our People section.

One such composer is Giuseppe Verdi:

From that page you will see that Tchaikovsky mentioned Verdi's Requiem in passing in some of his correspondence, but he went into more detail about other works by Verdi.

Hope this helps,

Brett Langston

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