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Piano Transcriptions of Orchestral Works


The IMSLP database is stunning.

I have heard that a piano solo transcription of the full opera Eugene Onegin published by Jurgenson in 1910 exists.

Has anyone seen this transcription or know how to obtain a copy?

I know of the paraphrases and other small excerpts.


Stephen J. Tiernan

04/10/2010 17:55

Some time ago one of our readers asked where they could get a copy of Eugene Onegin for piano solo....(not the piano vocal score)....well it is available at this site for a fee....

Al Gasparo

I would like to include to the list of works on for Tchaikovsky piano arrangements the following new additions:

1. The Third Symphony arranged for piano solo.

2. The Souvenir de Florence op. 70 for string sextet arranged for piano four hands...

Albert Gasparo

04/10/2010 17:55

Here is the Third Symphony as arranged for piano solo....what a gem!

So now we have all the Symphonies of Tchaikovsky arranged for piano solo but the Second...which is available however for piano duet....

What a treasure is for those of us who are seeking to download rare and long out of print scores!

Albert Gasparo

04/10/2010 18:06,_Op.29_(Tchaikovsky,_Pyotr)#For_Piano_solo_.28Lippold.29 

Earlier this year the Third Symphony of Tchaikovsky arranged for piano solo had been removed from this once again it has been made available for once again we may enjoy this little treasure...

Al Gasparo

07/09/2011 20:53,_Op.55_(Tchaikovsky,_Pyotr)#For_Piano_solo_.28Lippold.29

Speaking of piano transcriptions of orchestral works where is the rest of the Third Suite as arranged for piano solo? This excerpt begins with page we know that the first three movements are somewhere...Leopold made the piano solo arrangement circa 1901 for Jurgenson....does anybody have a clue? searches have not produced the desired result...

Al Gasparo

 07/09/2011 20:51,_Op.24_(Tchaikovsky,_Pyotr)#For_Piano_solo_.28Hubert.29

This should make Steve happy....or anyone else who is looking for the complete piano solo version of Eugene Onegin....a free download on IMSLP...

its ever growing library of public domain long out print or hard to get scores now numbers 110,000 scores.....what a musical feast!

Al Gasparo

 09/09/2011 22:27

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