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Tchaikovsky's Orchestral Technique


In Pyotr Ilyich's orchestral pieces, we find some unison-combinations of oboes and trumpets(with pistons), for instance; 4th Symphony-in 4th movement/ Manfred-at the end of 1st movement-(Andante non tanto)h^cis^d-_cis_h^g-------_fis-/ 5th Symphony-at the end of 2nd movement-(Allegro non troppo) hhhh-h-^ dddd-d- ffff-f-, at the end of 4th movement-(Moderato assai e molto aestoso)gis--isgis^a--_sis_fis^gis-_e-----, and (Molto meno mosso)e-eee^fis^gis^a_gis_fis_e_dis_cis/ 6th Symphony-at the midle-end of 1st movement-es--_d_c-_h_a--_gis_fis-_f-_es--_d_c, -at the midle of 3rd movement-d d dd d _c c c^d---. It seems particular for Pyotr Ilyich's works and that it has been increased after he started to conduct his own works. The timbres of oboe and trumpet are similar but of course different. Accordingly the mixed tone is remarkable. I wonder that their unison-combinations are Pyotr Ilyich's original inventions. Or if he followed other composers, I would like to know examples of them. Please give me some suggestions.

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Kamomeno Iwao

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