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Rare Tchaikovsky Performance

To those who reside within the state of Illinois, specifically in and around the Chicago area, listen up! The Chicago Symphony Orchestra (CSO) is performing Tchaikovsky's rarely performed Overture to The Storm, Op. 76 and his suites to his ballet, Swan Lake, Op. 20 and incidental music from The Snow Maiden, Op. 12. Performances will be taking place starting on Wednesday December 16th and running through Saturday December 19th! Don't miss out! Note: Tchaikovsky's "Storm" overture was never performed during his lifetime; these performances are taking place under the performance title: Tchaikovsky's Tales. For more information on tickets, log onto

For those not living in the immediate Chicago area, a recorded radio broadcasting of these performances will be made available within two weeks of the last performance; information for that can also be found easily on the Chicago Symphony Orchestras website.


Michael Svoboda

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