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Tch Box Set

Does anyone know if there is a box set out there that contains all of Tchaikovsky's music on CD? I ask because I can buy Beethoven, Mozart or Bach sets (complete works), but have been unable to find a Tchaikovsky one.

Ed B.

I don't think there is one. Back in 1993, during the centennial of his passing away, I couldn't find any. Of course, this was during the pre-internet days so my search was limited to the extensive catalogues published, that contained every single CD that was commercially available. So I started purchasing his works here and there. I got me some interesting stuff like the full VoxBox collection of his works, which contains remarkable recordings and performances. I also got me the full set of about eight CDs of his complete piano works, by Erato, played by Viktoria Postnikova. I have a Pikovaya Dama with Mark Ermler conducting the Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra, with Vladimir Atlantov, and after more than 15 years of looking, thanks to this great forum I was able to get the Voyevoda from Russia, and I'd like to add, all things considered, the recording is quite good. I downloaded "Charodeika" and "Orleanskaya Djiva" from the iTunes store.

Jaime Hale

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