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Vocal Work Question

Hello, first of all I love the site! I've been an avid follower of it since it's inception a few years ago! I'm also looking forward to reading Mr. Poznansky's new Tchaikovsky Biography in English someday! Anyways, I recently watched Igor Talankin's film and I've been unable to identify one of the works in the movie. I found a clip on YouTube if there's any keen ears out there:

The scene in question is from about 2 minutes in. Much thanks!

Craig Sayer

If it's the one being played by Tchaikovsky at the piano, with his servant Aleksei listening, then that's the end of the Letter Scene (Act I, No. 9) from the opera Evgenii Onegin.

Hope this helps,

Brett Langston

A VHS NTSC recording of the complete movie with English subtitles is available from

A. Geideberg

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