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Voyevoda Sinopsis

Hi. Does someone have a Sinopsis or a libretto of The Voyevoda? I got the Aquarius recording but the notes are in Cyrilic. I made a post of this opera in my blog:

How can I take part of your forum?. Thanks.

Manuel Viega

Here is a brief synopsis of The Voevoda by Roland John Wiley in his recent book: Tchaikovsky (Oxford University Press, 2009):

"Act I. Praskov'ia, Vlas Diuzhoi's daughter, is betrothed to Nechai Shalygin, the Voevoda [the town's governor], while her sister Maria is secretly in love with Bastriukov, his enemy; the Voevoda disturbs their tryst. In a matchmaking scene, the Voevoda sees Maria for the first time and chooses her over Praskov'ia, whereupon Bastriukov decides to abduct Maria. At his signal, she comes to him, but they are foiled by Vlas and the Voevoda, who restrain Maria but fail to subdue Bastriukov and his men.

Act II. Bastriukov is pining for Maria when Dubrovin arrives; he has suffered the Voevoda to kidnap his wife and himself to be persecuted. They plan a double abduction for the next night, when the Voevoda will be away on a pilgrimage. In the women's quarters, Maria sings of a captive young woman desiring freedom; Dubrovin's wife, Olena, enters and tells Maria of the plan. The other women return and perform a dance-song.

Act III. The two couples are reunited and sing an apostrophe to the night. Dubrovin and Olena exchange assurances. As they sing of the night again, they are interrupted by the Voevoda, who has returned early. Dubrovin threatens him and is disarmed. The lovers decide to die rather than part again. The Voevoda orders the men held and leads Maria to the women's quarters. As she attempts to break free, fanfares announce the arrival of a new voevoda, who puts matters right amid general rejoicing." (p. 67)

There is a more detailed synopsis in: David Brown, Tchaikovsky, Vol. 1: The Early Years (1840-1874), p. 140-143.

Luis Sundkvist

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