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Tchaikovsky's "Marche Slave" is a Serbian folk music comes out I think, or anyone, Could you tell me the lyrics.

sincerely yours

Jintonic, Japan

Hello(Zenryaku) Jintonic-san,

Sunce jarko, ne sijaš jednako,
moj me dragi ne ljubi jednako.
Il' jednako il' nemoj nikako.
Il' me ljubi il' me se okani,
il' se mani ili me sahrani.
Znas, nevero, kako si se kleo?
Nasred sela kod bresta zelena:
drugu necu za tobom umrecu,
a danas si veru prevnuo,
bolesna te prevrtala majka,
od Mitrova do Petrova danka,
i opet ti dusa ne izasla,
dok na mome krilu ne zaspao!

by Isidor Ćirić(1844-1893)


Kamomeno Iwao


kamomeno Iwao-sama,

Your answer immediately, thank you.

This is what folk music at the beginning. Another Serbian folk music is flowing in the middle of the song, there is more of what you see.

Trusting your prompt response to any well, thank you.

Best regards


Hello Jin-tonic-san,

Please refer to this, Croatian Wikiedia "Slovenski marš".


kamomeno Iwao

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