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Tchaikovsky's poem on lilies of the valley


Mr. Poznansky published a poem of Tchaikovsky on lilies of the valley in his biography (The Quest for the Inner Man, p. 336/337).

Of course it is translated in English, so I don’t know if Tchaikovsky wrote it in free verse or on rhyme. Does anyone who speaks Russian know the answer?

Thanks for your help,

Rien Schraagen


It was wrote on rhyme,that sure I'm.

Ах, ландыш, отчего так радуешь ты взоры!
Другие есть цветы, роскошней и пышней,
И ярче краски в них, и веселей узоры…
Но прелести в них нет таинственной твое й...

Lilies of the valley bloom obliquely.

Best regards,

Kamomeno Iwao

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