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Bolshoi theatre - Pages in History

The Russian company 'Aquarius' (the 1941 'Iolanta' under Samosud is in their catalogue) is planning a subscribers only series of CDs concentrating on those singers well-known and unjustly forgotten. There will only be 200 copies of each disc printed. It looks like the idea is to create the definative series of Russian artists of this period (1930's - 50s) with source material from Melodiya, State Radio and Television, and private collectors

The first disc will be dedicated to Nikandr Khanaev

"BOLSHOI THEATRE Pages in history" series


1. Sadko’s Aria (N. Rimsky-Korsakov «Sadko», scene 1)
2. Sadko’s Song (Oh You, dark leafy grove...) (N. Rimsky-Korsakov «Sadko», scene 2)
3-4. N. Khanaev narrates…
4. Hermann’s Arioso (P. Tchaikovsky «The Queen of Spades», act 1)
5. Hermann’s Aria (P. Tchaikovsky «The Queen of Spades», act 3)
6. Scene near the Fountain (M.Mussorgsky «Boris Godunov», act 3)
7. A Knight’s Ballade (Yu. Shaporin «On the Field of Kulikovo»)
8. Kakhovsky’s Aria (Yu. Shaporin «The Decembrists», act 2)
9. Jose’s Recitative and Aria (G. Bizet «Carmen», act 2)
10. Samson’s Aria (C. Saint-Saëns «Samson and Delilah», act 3
11. Siegfried forges his magic sword (R. Wagner «Siegfried», act 1)

bonus tracks:

12. Am Sonntag Morgen (J. Brahms - P. Heyse) GPT Х2852
13. Hermann’s Aria (P. Tchaikovsky «The Queen of Spades», act 3) GPT 454а
14. Hermann’s Arioso (P. Tchaikovsky «The Queen of Spades», act 1) MT 1577
15. Hermann’s Aria (P. Tchaikovsky «The Queen of Spades», act 3) MT 1578
16. Sadko’s Song (Strike up, my Gusli) (N. Rimsky-Korsakov «Sadko», scene 2)

MT 01580
GPT - Gramplasttrest; MT - Mustrest
Marina Mnishek - M. Maksakova (6), Mime - A. Peregudov (11)
Recorded in: 1931 (14-16), 1934 (13), 1935 (12), 1937 (4, 9), 1938 (12), 1940 (5, 7), 1946 (1, 2, 10), 1948 (6), 1951 (8), 20.04.1970 (3)

Future discs planned will include Reizen (unissued opera recordings), Kozlovsky (rare early recordings), Stepanova, Baturin, Borisenko, G.Bolshakov, Gamrekeli, Dzherjinskaya, Nortsov, Slivinsky, A.I.Alexey (full assembly of records of this forgotten lyrical tenor, including live records from a stage of the Bolshoi theatre 1930 х), S.N.Streltsov, N.N.Ozerov, E.D.Kruglikova (the rare not published records), E.F.Smolenskaya, E.K.mezheraup, A.A.Byshevskaja, O.J.Leonteva, N.D.Shpiller (rare, including live records), E.V.Shumskaja, G.M.Nelepp, V.N.Lubentsov, V.I.Kilchevsky, V.I.Borisenko, M.P.Maksakova, A.F.Krivchenja, V.A.Davidova

To subscribe go to

or email Andrew Rosantzev at

Best wishes

Mike Weston

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