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"Zigeunerweisen", Fantasy for Piano and Orchestra in f (1892)


I have a recording of the following piece by Tchaikovsky: "Zigeunerweisen", Fantasy for Piano and Orchestra in f (1892).

Does anyone know where I can find the score and/or have more information on this piece?


Mike Svoboda

The Ungarische Zigeunerweisen was written by Sophie Menter and orchestrated by Tchaikovsky in 1892. There were some suggestions a few years back that the original piece was actually composed by Liszt (and then given to Menter, who clained it as her own work), but this idea seems to have been rejected by modern Liszt scholars.

Follow the link in the above paragraph for more information, and a link to the score on the IMSLP/Petrucci Music Library (IMSP).

Brett Langston

A reader of our Forum made an inquiry about a composition of Sophie Menter, one of Liszt's pupils...while I have not been able to find any of her works on Utube...there were several recordings by Sapellnikov who had played this piece under Tchaikovsky in hamburg in 1888....and there are pieces played by Alexander Siloti another of the composer's friends....this may be of interest to our readers....

YouTube - Sapellnikoff (1868-1941): Tchaikovsky - Pf Concerto #1 (1/5)

Albert Gasparo

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