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Need help finding a recorded biography


I am hoping that you or your forum members might be able to help me locate a cassette recording of a Tchaikovsky biography, I heard in the 1980's. I would like to think it was sometime between 1986 and 1992. The cassette featured various pieces of Tchaikovsky's music while being narrated by a male voice telling stories of Tchaikovsky life. I am not sure but this may have been specifically recorded for children. I would really love to find a copy of this or at least to know the name of the recording. Please Help!!

Thank You Very Much

Khal F.

Dear Khal F.,

The only recorded biography I can find is on CD, cassettes are nearly obsolete now. Here's the link to find it on

Hope this helps,

Mike Svoboda


You may like to look at the Naxos issue narrated by Jeremy Siepmann, the four disc set includes a booklet and the number is 8.558036-39.

Hope this helps

Steve Floyd

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