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Tchaikovsky's Life in Movies

I have tried to gather together the various movies and documentaries that have tried to portray Tchaikovsky and his works...

Movie Review - Song of My Heart - At the Park Avenue -

It may be of interest to our readers that this first effort that I know of a Tchaikovsky biography in film came out in 1947...I never heard of it but one day many years ago I saw the ending of it and thought it was pretty awful....we have yet to get a truly good movie biography of this composer as the other efforts that came out circa 1971 i.e. "The Music Lovers" and Soviet effort on "Tchaikovsky" 1970, leave a lot to be desired...

Movie Review - The Music Lovers - Screen: Ken Russell's Study of Tchaikovsky Opens -

In spite of its sensationalism I found this to be the most interesting of the renditions of his life portrayed so far...outside of the PBS did hold your interest and it was not can see it all on utube...

Tchaikovsky - Trailer - Cast - Showtimes -

This effort came out of the Soviet in 1970...I dont remember it being shown here...however several years ago I bought the video and found it very unengaging and uninvolving...I saw it once and never once returned to it...some people seemed to have enjoyed it.... Tchaikovsky: Alice Glover, William Mannering, Sam Marks, Ed Stoppard, Matthew Whiteman, Suzy Klein: Movies & TV

I saw this recently on utube and thought it banal and totally uninteresting....perhaps other viewers had different takes on it.

scroll down to read the appeared on BBC.... Great Composers - Tchaikovsky: Simon Broughton: Movies & TV

Of the various films that have tried to portray the life of Tchaikovsky this documentary which first came out in 1997 on PBS is the best in terms of authenticity and veracity. It also takes you to the Russia of today....too bad its only one choice on Tchaikovsky's life and work...on movies portraying the life of artists my favorite is still "Lust for Life' with Kirk Douglas....we are still waiting for something on this composers life with the breadth and scope of that film about Vincent Van Gogh...a story that sticks to the facts and tell it with energy and dynamism....true to its subject, time and period...I hope this was of interest to our viewers...

Albert Gasparo

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