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I read Albert Gasparo's note (Jan 2, 2010) about Google's collection of Tchaikovsky songs and their lyrics. Is there a CD out that contains some or all of these songs and lyrics so I could hear them?


Steve Warren Tchaikovsky Complete Songs 1: Pyotr Il'yich Tchaikovsky, Ljubo Orfenova, Ljuba Kazarnovskaya: Music

Hi Steve,

Here are the complete songs of Tchaikovsky in five separate CD' may also be able to hear samples of all of them if you scroll down....I'm pretty sure the lyrics come with the songs....hope that answers your question..

Albert Gasparo

Thank you, Albert Gasparo, for your prompt and accurate response to my question about CDs of Tchaikovsky's piano solos. I bought one.

Steve Warren

Hello Mr. Warren,

There's a great book that comes along with a CD that has Tchaikovsky's text/lyrics to accompany it. I own a copy. I recommend it. Here's the link:

Michael Svoboda

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