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Tchaikovsky as a choral conductor of girls or women?


I've heard casually from two different sources that Tchaikovsky may have conducted a girls' or women's chorus, and might have written a body of music for that chorus. However, only a few works for female voices are listed in a catalog of his works, and the many of his biographies I've consulted fail to confirm this association. Has anyone any information on this? Were there any prominent female choruses in Russia in the latter half of the 19th century that whichTchaikovsky might have had some association?

Thank you,

Sally De Fazio

Tchaikovsky Research : Chorus for Students of the Patriotic Institute (TH 76)

Hello Sally,

As per Tchaikovsky Research the composer wrote two choruses for female in 1871 thought to be commissioned by his colleague Karl Albrecht for his Handbook on Choral Singing....the other in 1880 at the request of his niece Anna who was studying at the Patriotic Institute in lost...other than that Tchaikovsky wrote any number of choruses for mixed chorus for various for his conducting a female chorus...that I am unaware of.....he only turned to conducting in the last six years of his was done with hesitation and trepidation and he never felt comfortable in that position...I for one have not come across an activity such as you mention...hope this has been of some help..

Albert Gasparo

I would also like to stress the fact that his conducting chores were limited to guest conducting in the fields of symphony and opera performances predominantly and were done to enhance his career and make his name more widely known...

Albert Gasparo

Thank you, Albert.

And while I imagine that you would have mentioned it if you were aware of it, let me be more explicit: is there anything known of any type of association Tchaikovsky had with an all-girls' school?


Sally De Fazio

The Chorus for Students of the Patriotic Institute (TH 76) mentioned above was written for Tchaikovsky's niece, Anna, who was a student at the all-girls' school, but the composer didn't have any direct connection with the establishment.

P. Davydov

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