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Tchaikovsky Trio op. 50

Dear Sir,

Could you please recommend me some books regarding Tchaikovsky's piano trio op. 50?

I am a pianist and have played this piece many times and now I'm writing a paper about particularly about the Variations movement.

Thank you,

Berenika Glixman

You'll find lots of books in our bibliography database. Just put "Op. 50" in the "Subject" field, then choose your language, format and date below.

Brett Langston


Some additional matters,

[Dedications to Nikolai Grigor'evich Rubinstein after his severe criticism to the composer for the 1st Piano Concerto]

  • Both in Francais;
  • A mon ami Nicolas Rubinstein (To my friend Nick Rubinstein) : "the 2nd Piano Concerto"
  • A la memoire d'un grand artiste (In the memory of a great artist) : "Trio"


  • The theme in the 2nd movement : h^e_dis_cis^dis^e^fis (so^do_ti_la^ti^do^re)
  • The motif is derived from one of "the 2nd Piano Concerto" that also dedicated to N.G. Rubinstein.
  • The main theme in 1st movement (Allegro brillante): g_fis_e^fis^g^a (do_ti_la^ti^do^re)


  • The "Trio" was written in A minor.
  • The key of "Serenade for N. G. Rubinstein's Name-Day" is A minor.

[Titles di movimenti]

The titles in movements are all Italiano;

  • I. Pezzo elegiaco (Elegiac piece)
  • II. (a) Tema con variazioni (Theme with variations)
  • (b) Variazione finale e coda (Final variation and coda)

Best regards,

Kamomeno Iwao

For an analysis of the piece I suggest you get a copy of the third volume of David Brown's biography of Tchaikovsky...The Years of Wandering 1878 - 1885....Norton & Co....1986....the piece is discussed and analysed in pages 151 to pages 161...

David Brown's four volume biography discusses not only the composer's life but his work...the most comprehensive examination of his work we have to date...

Hope this has been of some help...

Albert Gasparo

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