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DO NOT PRINT THIS AS IT IS A PAT ON THE BACK!!! (Otherwise translated= "Print it! Print!!) This is a long one, so be prepared.

First of all, I'd like to thank Mr. Gasparo and Mr. Herpich who always respond to my questions, no matter how mundane and root they may seem. Now let me proceed to tell you, I am an African-Canadian, playwright, determined to write the DEFINITIVE play/movie about the Maestro. I am COMMITTED!!

Secondly, my musical knowledge, (do NOT read music) is minimal at best, and hope you more knowledgedable people (Gaspero, Herpich et al) shall help me in this endeavor.

I am such a T. fan. (When are you people gonna start selling T-Shirts; coffee mugs etc. (make enough money to pay for your hard work and the site)!!??)

I remember the FIRST time I heard T's music.

It's like people, here, in America/Canada ask: "Where were you when Kennedy was shot?"

"Don't recall."

Well I can remember where I was when I first heard T.'s music.

A kid in fifties/sixties, watching a Disney with my older brother, (Sleeping Beauty maybe??). I remember leaving theatre, (it could have been on TV) not thinking about the movie, but humming the music.

How many people "hum" classical music?? Other than T's, I mean?

Everybody hums tunes from "Nutcracker." Have you heard anyone "humming," Beethoven yet? (Maybe... maybe his Ninth).

And that too "hysterical," criticism lauded on T in tons? I live in big Canadian city and see the world just as he did; with it's extreme and sudden ups and downs and rights and lefts. No "flat" life here. But to get to my point.

I've been on T's trail for some six years now and CANNOT nail him down!

I do NOT want a piece of rubbish like that Ken Russell pablum/film.

I've even written drafts of my play from the POV's of Alexis Safronov! (sp? servant), Nadezhda von Meck (patron) and Antonia Milukova (wife) and on and on and on...

... nothing really seems to "click."

Further, I dare not touch T., himself.

Who could write such an enigma!? And that's exactly why there's been no definitive move/play of him.

He's un/in-definable. Most genius' are.

Try figuring out Thomas Jefferson??

Finally-- to the point:

Does anybody have any ideas!?

A chronological telling of T's., story would be boring.

That's the problem Russell faced and didn't/couldn't (too lazy to) overcome.

Sorry to be so long-winded!!

George Boyd

Mr. Boyd.

You claim that nobody has produced a movie/drama play, based on Tchaikovsky's biographical details.

I have however a VCR copy of a movie "Tchaikovsky" , made in 1971 at the Mosfilm Studio (Moscow).

This movie portrays a substantial period in the life of the composer, from the childhood till completion of "Eugene Onegin".

I. Smoktunovski plays the title character, and Y. Strzhelchik plays the part of Nikolai Rubinstein.

This VCR copy is produced in 2004 by:

  • Kino International Corp.
  • 333 West 39th Street
  • New York 10018
  • U.S.A.

I would be interested to acquire a DVD/CD recordings of your previous literary works.

Please advise me if any of then can be purchased either online

or through mail order.

A. Geidelberg

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