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Article about Tchaikovsky

Tchaikovsky: el misterio de su genio

Albert Saenz Enriquez


Alberto Sáenz Enríquez

Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky ( may 1840 -november 1893) is one of art s most enigmatic figures.

His incredible genius domained all areas of the art of sounds . With outstanding skill he would compose masterful ballets, operas, symphonies, beautiful chamber music, sacred scores,concertos, tone poems etc.

His capacity to portray great pages of literature and his own soul is unparaleled. He was capable to communicate with splendid accuracy all human feelings and sensations.

Oddly enough, many have missinterpreted this power of translating sentiment to music as a lack of technical achievement, but on the contrary , his wisdom on harmony, counterpoint and orchestration was of the highest level, enriched by an unsurpassed melodic gift ever .

Besides these gifts and knowledge, Tchaikovsky was extremely disciplined with precise hours day and night to compose, with or without inspiration.

This habit earned him some weak or artificious moments in some of his pages followed by brilliant scoring of exquisite beauty.

Only pedant critics have guilted these fauLts as unforgivable blots that discredit any greatness in his output.

He has also been objected because of an unortodox handling of symphonic form. However if he had been meticulous with form we would have been deprived of that sincerity that captivates the heart of the audiences.

Being so deeply and universally human he spans all the screens of artistical expression from the popular and suburban to the palatial and sublime.

I believe is rather preferably not to attend so many dark legends about his life and death, many of them absolutely false and calumnious.

Only his art can portray his real personality. Only his art can sculpt his giant figure disclosing one of earth s most dazzling geniuses.

Practically all his output is memorable, but his outstanding masterpieces will always remain his symphonies, his ballets, the beautiful Trio in A minor, his piano and violin concertos, the operas "Eugene Onieguin", "The Queen of Spades", "The Maid of Orleans" and "Iolantha"and his symphonic fantasies "Romeo and Juliet", "Francesca da Rimini" and "Hamlet".

[Note: translated provided by the author]

I am grateful to Prof. Enriquez for his positive and kind insight into the life and art of P. Tchaikovsky.

A. Geidelberg

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