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Manfred Symphony DVD

The versions in DVD of Svetlanov and Duderova present a problem. Both versions do not possess the part of organ, and reach the fourth movement with a pastiche of the end of the first movement. This is something extremely deplorable in two directors of such size. The only one that possesses a movie included organ is Pletnev, which till not long ago could be in Youtube but now they have removed it. If they trace "Czajkovskij manfred" there same another version will appear, with organ, but badly combined, since the part of the harp of the movement 4 has disappeared. Exceuse, my English is very poor

Guillermo Biaggini

14/03/2011 20:16

There is a rare full length performance in the YouTube of Manfred Symphony by Vasily Petrenko, one of the most charismatic young conductors today, and the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra. 

This video is available in 480p and the sound quality is not bad. I only wish this video performance could become available in the Blu-ray format.

The ending of this huge work (nearly one hour long) with pipe organ is simply breathtaking unlike some other DVD described by Norman Armstrong. Incidentally, I believe the use of pipe organ in this symphony actually precedes Camille Saint-Saëns Organ Symphony. I didn’t realize what a great masterpiece this symphony really is until now and wonder why this piece is so neglected and seldom heard or recorded.

Actually, a rare CD recording of Manfred Symphony and The Voyevoda, in which Vasily Petrenko made his début on Naxos conducting the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, has won the Gramophone Award for Best Orchestral Recording in 2009.

John C. Chou

05/11/2011 20:41

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